Psychology meets Music Therapy

This month, the music therapy students had the chance to meet the psychology students in what is nicknamed Mordor due to it’s distance from the main campus! The day was interesting, inspiring, and fun. It really made me think: why is there a divide and stigma associated with music therapy when all I see are similarities?

More and more often we are pressured into believing we are different, have a different skill set, can achieve different things. Why is there such an emphasis on not being the same as our family, friends, colleagues, classmates, when unity is what helps us to strive towards greatness?

Perhaps – in this context – it depends on one’s reasoning behind therapy. Is the point of “working on” yourself so that you can realise your differences from others, or the opposite? Why is it important to be different from others? These questions were running through my mind during the workshops. I couldn’t help but wonder, if the end result of a therapeutic process is the same, why are there different types of therapy? When we go to therapy, who are we really doing the “work” for?


We all do better when we work together. Our differences do matter, but our common humanity matters more.

                     – Bill Clinton 

So, was our seminar day for pointing out the differences or the similarities? I for one choose to believe that having a common goal makes us the same.


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